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Elderly Care in Mt. Laurel NJ: When Does My Aging Parent Need Elderly Care Services?

It can be hard to recognize when your elderly parent really does need in-home elderly care services. After all, your parent has always been the capable one that took care of you for all those years. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that because of age-related conditions, they may need someone to help take care of them.

Many elderly adults don’t want their grown children to discover that they are struggling. They may be in denial that there are problems, or they may fear losing their independence or autonomy. Some seniors may not even realize there are issues if they are in the early stages of cognitive decline. However, if they truly are struggling, it is unhealthy and even dangerous to continue on their own.

Warning Signs of a Struggling Senior

There are some obvious signs that you can recognize when your aging mom or dad is experiencing challenges in accomplishing their daily duties. Some of the more obvious red flags are piles of dirty dishes, no clean laundry, poor hygiene, late bills, or empty cupboards and refrigerator. You may also notice burned out light bulbs, no batteries in the smoke detectors and a poorly kept yard.

There are more subtle signs to watch for that show your aging mom or dad is having a hard time keeping up with their daily tasks. Examples include wearing the same clothes for several days, burning things when they cook, forgetting to feed their pet, falling down, and having unexplained bumps and bruises.

Another thing to watch for is whether they are showing symptoms of illnesses or conditions that were once well-managed. The reason for this is that they may not be taking the right pills at the right times to control their condition. All this and more could be the evidence you need to seriously inquire about their health and well-being as they live at home alone.

How Elderly Care Providers Can Help

You can hire an elderly care provider to come in regularly to assist your aging mom or dad with all the tasks they find difficult. Working with the professional aide means setting up a schedule and giving them a list of responsibilities. They can help your elderly parent bathe, get dressed and groom themselves. An elderly care provider can do housekeeping, laundry and take care of the pets, too.

There are so many other things that elderly care providers can do for your aging parent. If your mom or dad needs to run errands or get to a doctor’s appointment, the elderly care provider can drive them. They also provide companionship and can keep an eye on your aging parent, so they don’t have an accident or feel too lonely.

When it comes to your mom or dad’s health and safety, you can’t afford to let them struggle on their own just because the conversation may be a little uncomfortable. You can help them see that it’s best for them to hire an elderly care provider to step in and help out in the areas they need it.

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