The holidays are traditionally the most enjoyable time of the year.  Families around the world anticipate spending quality time with each other.  Often, elderly family members are not included in these activities because of the inability to participate.  Family members may find difficulty incorporating them into the celebration activities. However, elder care companions can assist in making the holidays joyous for everyone.

How Can Elder Companions Help?

Elder care companions can help by assisting the elderly with simple tasks, such as assisting in the kitchen.  Mixing ingredients for a pie, opening a can of cranberry sauce, or peeling and rinsing vegetables may seem like small steps, but are a great aid to elderly who have trouble with arthritis.  Your elderly loved one will feel involved in the Elder Care in Turnersville, NJprocess of cooking the holiday meal when they arrive with their own dishes to contribute.  This can give them sense of pride as they watch everyone enjoy a meal that they helped to create.

Elder Companions Can Help Create Senior Friendly Activities

Elder care companions can help seniors celebrate by helping them organize for simple photo sharing activities.  Help your elderly family member gather photos for storytelling during the holidays.  This helps them to create great conversations that will help the elderly feel important and not in the way.  This conversation will open the door to the latest family stories; births, marriages, new jobs, etc.

Alone but Never Lonely

An elder care companion will keep in constant contact with your loved one during the holidays, keeping them engaged in conversation.  After a wonderful holiday with family and friends, a senior can become lonely; general conversation could mean a lot to them.  Often, elders do not have families who can visit on a regular basis.  In addition, there are times when elders prefer to be alone.  In these times, elder companions can check in on the senior and help keep their spirits up.  Simple activities such as cooking a meal with the senior, playing games, or even watching their favorite holiday movies can lighten the mood.

Celebrating the holidays can still and should be memorable and exciting for our senior family members.  Considerate and loving, elder care companions are the next best thing to family members spending time with the elderly.  Elder companions help seniors to focus on the holiday and not their problems, making it as enjoyable as possible. Elderly loved ones deserve to get the most out of the holiday season, just as much as family members that are younger.  Hiring an elder companion is the perfect way to ensure that your elderly family member gets the attention that they deserve without taking away from your own holiday cheer.  An elderly companion can help strike the balance you need for a great holiday season.

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