Getting enough physical exercise is essential to the ongoing health and wellbeing of aging adults. Physical exercise is not only important to maintaining a healthy weight and encouraging flexibility, range of motion and mobility, but it is also vital to the support of psychological and emotional health. Studies indicate seniors who enjoy regular physical activity as part of their eldercare are healthier, happier and more social than those who do not. As an elderly care provider for an aging loved one, it is important you find ways to encourage your loved one to engage in physical activity as often as possible.

Medical issues, mobility problems and cognitive issues often make it more difficult for seniors to keep up with a physical exercise regimen, especially for those who have not been particularly active throughout their lives. Finding fun and playful ways to be active is a great way for you to help your loved one be more active and enjoy the benefits of exercise without drudging through boring workouts or the same old walk around the block.

Exercise DVDs are one of the most effective resources for elderly care providers looking for ways to encourage seniors to exercise more. These DVDs make it possible to exercise whenever the senior is able and willing, and also allow the workout to be customized in terms of length and break times. Participating in these workouts with your loved one will help him to feel more motivated and give you a chance to bond and create Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter are all important planets for taurus horoscope as they signify personal income and profits if you happen to be independently employed. memories—while also getting you some exercise! Remember, providing elder care is physically and emotionally taxing, and keeping active helps to keep your mind and body strong while relieving stress.

If you aren’t sure where to look for exercise DVDs that will be fun and enjoyable for your loved one, consider starting with Richard Simmons. Now a senior himself and still going strong, Richard offers a loving, supportive and hilariously silly approach to exercise that has proven miraculously effective for millions of people over the last few decades. Performed to familiar, upbeat music, Richard’s workouts are all about dancing and working to your capabilities. Seniors will appreciate the ongoing encouragement and suggestions for modifications that are offered throughout the workout, and you will love seeing your loved one’s face light up hearing music from her younger days and exercising in a way she may never have considered. Choose the more difficult movement options and you will find yourself getting a great workout yourself!

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