Elder Care in Mt. Laurel NJ: How Can You Care for Your Aging Parent After They Suffer a Stroke?

Each year throughout the United States nearly 800,000 people suffer stroke. Of these, approximately 130,000 will lose their lives. The risk for suffering a stroke doubles every decade after the age of 55, and a person who has already suffered a stroke is at dramatically higher risk of suffering another one than a person who has never suffered a stroke is at risk of suffering a first stroke. As a family caregiver, it is critical for you to understand not just the impact of these statistics, but also what you can do to care for your parent should they become one of the people who suffered a stroke well. This will not only help them to get through their recovery and better, but can also help to reduce the risk that they will suffer another.

Use these tips to care for your aging parents after they suffer a stroke:

  • Stay in contact with their medical team. Your parent continues to need medical support even after they leave the hospital. Before they are discharged, make sure your senior has a follow-up appointment set, and keep that appointment. Be sure to keep in communication with their doctor, discuss how your parent is moving through their recovery, ask questions, and bring them in for follow-up as is considered necessary by their doctor
  • Maintain a care team. You should not try to fulfill all of the needs of a senior who has suffered a stroke on your own. Their needs may be extensive, especially in the early days after a stroke, and you will need help to meet them. Create a care team with an elder care provider, friends and family, neighbors, and others who can help you to give your parent the care they need throughout their recovery
  • Rely on elder care. An elderly home care services provider does not just have to be a minor part of your care team. This professional care provider can play an integral role in making sure your senior has everything they need to fulfill their needs, support their health and well-being, and help them to move forward in a healthier lifestyle
  • Focus on reducing risk of another stroke. Your parent is at much higher risk of having another stroke now that they have had one. Take the time to evaluate your parent’s health, lifestyle, and care routine, and make sure you are both taking the proper steps to reduce this risk and protect your parent as they age in place

Starting elder care can be one of the most beneficial, effective, and meaningful decisions that you can make for them throughout the course of your caregiver journey with your senior adult. The highly personalized services of an elderly home care services provider can ensure that your parent gets the support, care, and assistance that they need to live the healthiest, safest, and most comfortable lifestyle possible as they age in place. This can be particularly meaningful if your senior has recently suffered a serious medical condition such as a stroke. This care provider can help your parent understand the treatment and prescription guidelines given by their doctor to support compliance, encourage them to eat a healthier diet, support a more active lifestyle, and give them the companionship and emotional care that will help them live better throughout and after their recovery.

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