Elder Care in Mt. Laurel NJ

Elder Care in Mt. Laurel NJIf your elderly loved one uses a wheelchair, you may be worried that they will never get the exercise that they need. Because of their limited mobility, it is true that they may not be able to do a lot of the exercises that are commonly done at a fitness center, but that does not mean that they have to give up on exercise all together. In fact, there are many strengthening exercises that your loved one can do right in their wheelchair that will help them to have stronger bones, muscles, and help lower their risk for injuries. Here are just a few examples of exercises your loved one can do in their wheelchair.

Bicep Curls

Doing bicep curls is a great way to maintain great upper body strength and they can be done with or without hand weights! As your loved one gets more comfortable with this exercise, they can increase the number of reps and sets that they do gradually.

Seated Twists

This is one way that your loved one can get some cardiovascular exercise in while remaining in their wheelchair. Your loved one will simply keep their arms at chest-height and twist their upper body from side to side, if they are able to move their lower body, twisting their knees in the opposite direction while performing the seated twist is a great way to make this exercise more challenging and more beneficial.


Stretching is important for improving flexibility and for joint health. While seated in a wheelchair, your loved one can stretch by reaching one arm up and then lifting the head to look at the raised hand. They will then hold the stretch and then repeat it on the opposite side. In addition, to stretch the back, your loved one can lower their chest toward their thighs and let their arms hang down. After holding the stretch, your loved one can lift themselves back up slowly and easily.

Overhead Presses

This is a strengthening exercise that requires the use of a dumbbell. Remember, have your loved one start with a lightweight dumbbell and then increase the weight as they become stronger and more familiar with the exercise. To do the overhead press, your loved one will hold the dumbbell and raise it to the ceiling before lowering it slowly. This can be done with both arms at once or separately.


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