We live in a country that places serious stigma on aging. Rather than honoring and respecting the wisdom and experience that come with getting older, we tend to push our elderly aside in place tremendous emphasis on being youthful. This can make aging people feel forgotten, disrespected and ignored. It also makes the idea of entering into any form of elder care uncomfortable for seniors who do not want to be seen as frail or sickly.

It is important when you are considering establishing an elderly home care arrangement for your aging loved ones that you emphasize the value of such care. Make sure that your loved ones understand that elder care is not about being weak or unwanted. It is your responsibility to remove the stigma of elder care both for your aging loved one and for those around him so that he will be open to such arrangement and gain the maximum benefit.

One of the most powerful ways that you can remove the stigma of elder care for your aging loved ones is by allowing him to be an active part of the decision-making process. The most difficult part of elder care for many seniors is feeling as though their decisions are being made for them, and their freedom is being taken away from them. Letting them help you make the decisions as to their ongoing care will help them to feel acknowledged, respected and still in control of their lives.

Being able to make decisions for themselves also takes away the idea that elder care is about being somehow less of a person once you get older. Help your aging loved ones make a decision that will give them the highest quality of life and help them to enjoy their later years more than they will be able to without this care.

Explain to your aging loved ones that making elder care arrangements for them is not about limiting their lives, but rather about enhancing them. Home care for the elderly is about giving your aging loved ones more opportunity to enjoy their independence and the freedom that retirement brings. Regardless of their mobility issues or cognitive challenges, home care providers can enrich the lives of your aging loved ones and show them that elder care deserves no stigma.

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