Elder Care in Woolwich Township, NJDo you get frustrated when your elderly father, who has hearing issues, deliberately turns off his hearing aid? What about when he is being cared for by home care for the elderly? Maybe you’ve noticed that he is doing this, maybe you haven’t put the pieces of this puzzle together. Sometimes, regardless of whether the senior relies on elder care or not, they may resort to certain, less than ideal tactics to avoid communicating with others.

Why would they do that? For one, it could be that they don’t want to be ‘told what to do.’ Their idea about what home care for elderly individuals is could be much different than what your idea is. That doesn’t mean that they are wrong and you are right, but rather it’s a matter of information and education. If you don’t know a lot about a topic, and you have some preconceived notions about it, then you may more inclined to believe in certain lies.

Such as not being able to do what you want in the comfort of your own home. Maybe the senior has become used to his or her family members telling him what he can or can’t do. Maybe this elderly individual has already been down this road and has grown weary of it. It can get old when you feel as though you no longer have any control over your own life. It can make you feel as though the only control that you do have any longer might be in the hearing aid that you have.

How can you deal with someone who is turning off his or her hearing device? First, you should try to determine what it is that they don’t want to hear. Maybe there is an issue with the hearing aid, such as feedback. Do you hear a high pitched squeal when you’re near this person and they have it on? That could cause discomfort or even pain.

If there are no mechanical causes to them turning this device off, then sit down and talk to them about it. They may feel that the elder care provider (if it’s you or another person) isn’t listening to them or is bossing them around too much.

Listen to what this elderly individual is saying. They may be frustrated with their own health and physical abilities and want to feel alone, even if they are not. When you listen, you can usually uncover many truths. Listening is the most powerful tool that we all possess. Practice it.

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