Elder Care in Cherry Hill, NJ

Any time a senior is planning to go outside for whatever reason, whether it’s to go to the park, just getting in the car and going to the store, or heading outside to garden, they need to be aware of the weather conditions. That includes temperature. Even if they are currently taking care of themselves and don’t feel it’s necessary to rely on elder care, eventually that could change.

Keep in mind that an experienced elderly home care provider can offer tremendous support to seniors, whether they are dealing with health issues, physical limitations, or living alone, or have other challenges they face on a regular basis.

As for getting outside, understanding the temperature forecast, what the high temperature is going to be, and what the current temperature is when they are planning to go out is a good idea for anyone, regardless of age. While younger individuals, especially healthy adults in their 20s, 30s, and 40s often regulate their body temperature better and can adapt to some seemingly uncomfortable situations (such as extreme heat or unexpected cold, at least for a length of time), seniors may have more difficulty maintaining a comfortable core body temperature.

That’s because their physical capabilities diminish as they get older. Their immune system is not as strong as it used to be, they likely lost an incredible amount of muscle mass and strength, and their body doesn’t function the same way it used to so they can’t keep cool or stay warm in different weather conditions.

It’s a great idea to dress in layers whenever they are heading out for the day. Going out in the morning could be 30° or even 40° cooler than the anticipated high temperature. For example, it may be 50° in the morning when they are planning to go out and the high temperature is forecast to be 85° with high humidity. Dressing in shorts may be practical for that 85° weather, but it’s not going to protect them in the 50° morning temperature. In fact, dressing in shorts in 50° weather can increase the risk of getting sick and contracting some types of pneumonia.

Having shorts underneath longer pans and even a sweater or light jacket is a much better option when heading out in the morning. When the temperature begins to rise and the senior gets warmer, they can take the light jacket off, take the long shirt off, peel off the long pants, and be comfortable and cool during the peak temperature of the day.

If the senior requires elder care, an experienced caregiver will often encourage them to dress in layers if they’re planning to go out for the day.

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