Summer is in full swing with this heat and humidity! Now is the time to drink lots of fluids and stay cool. Hopefully your clients’ homes are graced with air conditioning and cold beverages.

Encouraging the elderly to drink may be tough. The side effects of increasing fluids is increased bathroom visits. For someone with decreased mobility, this may be a hassle or even painful due to arthritis or generalized pain.

There may be other ways to encourage your client to drink more fluids. There are cold brew tea bags that you and your client can use to make cold brew iced tea in the refrigerator. You can add fresh mint or lavender to a beverage. There are water enhancers that add flavor to water, but be careful. Some water enhancers have a lot of chemicals and dyes. Read the ingredients. Brands like “Stur” and “Skinny Girl Water Enhancer” are better than the rest because they use evaporated cane sugar or stevia. There are so many flavors to try. If your client is really struggling to drink their recommended water intake, this can be a game changer!

You can also try juices, JELL-O, water ice, ice pops or popsicles if your client isn’t too keen on drinking water. Happy Hydrating!