Your elderly senior needs to have fun things to do to relieve boredom and combat stress. Crafts are often a very good outlet for seniors. A craft gives them an opportunity to use creativity and also make something beautiful and useful. As a home care provider, you can help your aging loved one to have some fun with crafts. Getting her children and grandchildren in on the craft can be quite enjoyable and also therapeutic.

One of the great benefits of doing crafts is spending precious time with family and friends. It’s a relaxing way to bring the generations together in a family-bonding atmosphere.

Caregivers in Woolwich Township, NJAsk your elderly adult to get out some old photos, letters, special cards or other things that are important to them which have been collecting for years. Other family members who are joining in on this craft may want to do the same.

Your senior can make themselves a journal by taking each picture, pasting it on a page and then writing down everything they can remember about that person or activity in the photo. This craft may spark a lot of memories, and help her to remember things long time ago forgotten.

Some seniors have difficulty with writing. If this is the case, record her voice and have it transcribed later, or have someone with a keyboard (or pen and paper) ready to take down the information as she tells it.

Even the senior who has been experiencing mental decline has a lot of fun with this craft. Often those long-ago memories are retained a lot longer than the short-term memories are. This journal she is making will be something she can look at and read on those difficult days when she is confused and just needs something comforting.

If you can get enough cooperation from her family members, you could help her make a family photo tree. She would need a photo of each family member, and a large poster paper to construct the tree. Help her draw out her family tree, including parents, spouse and children. If possible, grandchildren can be included. It really depends on how many descendants she has! Maybe a family photo of grandchildren with their children in the same photo would help her get all family members included on this wonderful poster.

She will have many happy moments looking at her family photo tree.

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