Caregivers in Mt. Laurel NJDriving is just one of many things that your loved one may have to give up as Alzheimer’s disease progresses. Some loved ones deal with that more gracefully than others and as a family caregiver, it may become necessary for you to employ other measures to keep your loved one from driving.

Have an Official Statement Ready

Your loved one might agree that it’s time for him to stop driving, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t try to get back behind the wheel at some point. Some family caregivers find that they have some luck with their elderly loved ones when they can show them a piece of paper or some other official document saying that they cannot drive. Try getting documentation like this from your loved one’s doctor or insurance agent and then keep it on hand in case you need it.

Confiscate Your Loved One’s License

If your loved one is willing to hand over his driver’s license, that can be enough to keep him off the road. This is particularly helpful if he’s always been very careful about being properly prepared to drive safely. Keep his license in a safe place so that you have it handy when he needs it for identification, but don’t let your loved one have unfettered access to it.

Don’t Let Your Loved One Find the Keys

Some elderly loved ones may seem to forget all about driving altogether until they see the keys for the car. If that is the case for your elderly loved one, it’s in both of your best interests to make sure that the keys aren’t readily available to him. Be sure not to leave them around on a rack or in a drawer where anyone could pick them up.

Handicap the Vehicle or Sell It

If your loved one becomes extremely fixated on driving and on the car, you may have to resort to something bigger. It may be time to either hobble the vehicle in some way or sell it to someone who can use it. This may make your loved one unhappy, but it also may be necessary in order to keep him from getting behind the wheel. Ensure that safe and reliable transportation is available to them once their vehicle is no longer usable. If you cannot be available to take them where they need to go, a home care provider can be a great solution.

It’s difficult to see your loved one in a position to no longer be able to drive, but it can be necessary at some point.


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