Caregivers in Cherry Hill NJIt can be a big step to hire senior care providers for your elderly loved one, and you might not be sure if now is even the right time. Here are some ways that you can start to narrow down whether now is right or not.

You’re Stressed Out

Caregiver stress is not just a figment of your imagination. It takes a lot of time and energy to care for your loved one, and it may be more than you can do on your own. If you find you’re neglecting yourself to try to take care of your loved one, it’s important to investigate the home care options available to you.

Your Loved One Isn’t Bathing

If your loved one isn’t bathing and performing the same personal grooming habits that she’s kept up with for years, it could be that she needs some extra help. Sometimes loved ones aren’t comfortable coming to you for personal care help, but it’s easier to accept that from someone else.

Your Loved One Isn’t Eating Right

You may not be there for every meal with your elderly loved one, but take a look in the fridge and pantry. If old and out-of-date food is piling up, then it’s possible that your loved one isn’t eating the way that she should. Hiring a senior care provider who can cook for her can go a long way.

Your Loved One Isn’t Interested in Much of Anything Anymore

Apathy is really common for elderly loved ones, particularly if they’re not able to engage in the same activities that they’ve enjoyed throughout their lives. Showing extreme apathy could mean that it’s time to make sure that someone is there for your loved one during the day when you can’t be there.

Your Loved One’s Bills Are Piling Up

As your loved one gets older, she may feel less and less like dealing with a lot of the mundane aspects of life. Bills and other mail may pile up and even go unpaid. This kind of neglect may mean that your loved one isn’t paying attention to other aspects of her life, either.

Your Loved One’s Home Is Not in Great Shape

Perhaps your loved one has always kept a neat and tidy house, but lately it’s looking far more cluttered. It could be that your loved one has lost interest in cleaning or it could be that she’s no longer able to take care of her home on her own and she’s embarrassed to ask for help.

Your Loved One Has Trouble Getting Around

If it’s difficult for your loved one to get around on her own anymore, then it may be time to make sure that someone is always available, just in case something should happen. Falls are dangerous for your loved one, and you don’t want to take the risk that she injures herself and is all alone.

If you’re in doubt that it’s time to hire elderly care providers for your loved one, try it out for an afternoon or two a week and see how it helps your loved one.

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