Senior Care in Mt. Laurel, NJ

Senior Care in Mt. Laurel, NJSummer is now in full bloom all across the country. June 21st was the first official day of summer and it is also the longest day of the year for those in the northern hemisphere. This means the sun is shining for the greatest length of time throughout the day. When people require any type of senior care, summer can be a great opportunity to get outside, enjoy the abundant sunshine, and great weather.

There are a few things to consider with regard to going outside and being active for anyone who requires some type of senior home services. Just because possibilities surround us at every moment, that doesn’t mean we can neglect the most basic elements of safety and security.

Protect those eyes.

A senior, as they get older, is at an increased risk of various vision related problems. Cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration are three of the most common types, but there are many others. Even if they have no vision problems at the moment, they should protect their eyes with dark, wraparound sunglasses and they should wear them whenever they go outside into the bright sunlight.

Wear sunscreen.

It’s important that the senior wear sunscreen on any exposed skin. As long as they don’t have any type of allergies to these products, they can be highly effective at protecting the skin. As people get older, their body changes and the ability to stay protected against certain weather elements, including the sunshine, becomes more difficult.

Wear appropriate clothing.

Even though it’s sunny early in the morning, depending on where the senior lives, it could still be quite cold for the few hours after dawn. They shouldn’t run out in shorts and a short sleeve shirt when it is 55° outside, even if the forecast is for 85° and humid weather.

Dress in layers when going out in the morning or carry a light sweatshirt, light jacket, long pants, or other clothing the senior can add on as the day progresses and sun begins to set.

What could a senior do on these gorgeous summer days?

As mentioned, the possibilities are almost endless for seniors. Even those who may have difficulty getting around on their own, with the support of senior care, they can go to the park, art galleries, fairs, the zoo, or just for a nice stroll around the block. Those can provide physical exercise and mental stimulation that can keep them upbeat and in great health for as long as possible.

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