Elderly Care in Mt. Laurel, NJ

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then laughter must put him out of business. There is no doubt that being able to laugh and maintaining a sense of humor can be challenging for seniors living alone, even with home care. They may be tired, sore, frustrated, and lonely. But if you can help them turn that frown upside down, believe it or not, they may feel better.

Some people seem to have a naturally upbeat personality that continues as they age, and others seem to be the Eeyore’s of the universe, always looking at the world from a negative perspective. It really does go back to the old saying of whether the glass is seen as half full or half empty. People who can look at the glass and realize that it’s half full tend to have a more positive attitude and enjoy life more. But attitude, like waistbands, can be adjusted.

So where’s the best place to begin to find some humor for your senior? One suggestion is to stay away from self-deprecating or so-called “negative” humor. Putting yourself down in front of them, mocking their circumstances, or focusing on anything remotely negative with them may, instead of picking up their spirits, bring them further down.

So, if you’re not naturally funny, what can you do? Find people who are and buy their material. Buy comedies to share with your senior. If you can get your hands on some classic comedies, by comic geniuses such as the Marx Brothers, Mel Brooks, Danny Kaye, or Charlie Chaplin, rent them and watch them with your senior. You can both use a chance to laugh together.

Not a movie buff? Well there are tons of joke books out there to choose from. Or you can choose to read to your senior some uplifting, funny or positive stories. Pick up a classic book by Erma Bombeck and try to get through it without snickering. You can’t. And the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series has whole collections of short stories to choose from that have positive, inspiring, and sometimes truly funny aspects.

Only have a short time and attention span? Choose from some old Carol Burnett, Dick Van Dyke or I Love Lucy shows.

And when you think you’re running out of options, check out the newest yoga trend known as “laughter yoga” and see if it’s a good fit.

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