Elder Care in Mt. Laurel, NJ – Quality Foods can Make a Huge Impact on Chronic Kidney Disease

Elder Care in Mt. Laurel, NJResearchers have found that there are links between certain foods and chronic kidney disease; the most advanced stage of kidney disorders that affects mostly the elderly. There are foods that help in preventing as well as worsening this condition. Let’s look at 10 top foods that are recommended for senior adults with chronic kidney disease.

  1. Cabbage is known for its phytochemical properties that fight cancer. It contains high levels of vitamin C and K and fiber. It also has vitamin B6, folic acid and low potassium levels. All these are elements that are key in the bodies of chronic kidney patients.
  2. Just like cabbage, cauliflower has high levels of vitamin C and K and is also a good source of fiber and folate. It also contains indoles, thiocyanates and glucosinolates which help the liver to neutralize poisonous substances that could possibly damage DNA and cell membranes.
  3. Red bell pepper is highly recommended for elderly chronic kidney disease patients, as it is a perfect source of vitamin A and C as well as vitamin B6, fiber and folic acid.
  4. Onions when eaten raw are a good source of flavonoids like quercetin, an antioxidant that is responsible for reducing heart diseases and also cancer. Onions also contain lots of chromium for metabolism and are low on potassium.
  5. Garlic is important for chronic kidney disease patients as it plays a key role in lowering the body’s cholesterol levels and also reduces inflammations.
  6. Just as the saying goes,An apple a day, keeps the doctor away,’’ apples have been known to reduce the chances of getting heart disease, cancer and also helping to relieve kidney disorder symptoms.
  7. Cranberries have been found to protect against bladder infections. They contain elements that help in preventing bacteria from sticking on the bladder wall.
  8. Egg whites are an essential source of proteins especially for this group of kidney patients. Egg whites, unlike other sources of protein, contain less phosphorous. Egg whites are preferred to other alternative sources of proteins as they are the purest source of protein.
  9. Fish – just like egg whites – are also another source of pure protein. Fish also contains anti-inflammatory compounds called omega-3. These are healthy fats that keep diseases like cancer and heart conditions at bay.
  10. Olive oil is a major source of oleic acid, anti-inflammatory fat-based acid. It also contains elements necessary for reducing oxidation and inflammations.

Use any number of these kidney disease-fighting foods as part of a balanced and nutritious diet for your senior loved one. If you reaching the point where preparing meals and doing things around the house on daily basis for your parent has become overwhelming, consider hiring elder care services to visit with your loved one and assist them around the house. Make your parent’s caregiver aware that you are trying to incorporate these healthy foods into your senior’s diet, so that they can continue trying to fight chronic kidney disease for your loved one.

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