Elderly Care in Woolwich Township NJ: Is Your Elderly Loved One Sleeping Poorly?

Elderly Care in Woolwich Township NJ: Is Your Elderly Loved One Sleeping Poorly?

You know how uncomfortable you are when you don’t sleep well at night. It’s the same for your elderly loved one. Getting a handle on what’s causing her sleep troubles helps you to solve the problem fast.

Why Sleep Is Important

Sleep makes you feel great, but what’s so important about it besides that? without regular sleep, your loved one’s moods are more difficult for her to regulate. She might also have more than the usual trouble with some of her chronic health conditions. Much too little sleep and your loved one might find herself feeling not so great a little more often.

Talk to Her Medical Team

Your loved one’s doctors are the best place to start when it comes to figuring out her sleep issues. There could be medical reasons ranging from issues related to health conditions all the way to medication side effects to blame. Starting with your loved one’s doctor lets you rule out those types of potential causes from the beginning.

Revamp Eating and Drinking Habits

If your loved one is eating too late in the day or she’s doing things like drinking caffeinated drinks past a certain time, these can be the biggest culprits. Start paying close attention to what your loved one is eating and drinking and when that’s happening. Two weeks or so of food diaries can help you to spot patterns fairly quickly.

Check out Other Habits

Other habits can be more subtle about stealing your loved one’s sleep. Watching television or using a phone or tablet before bed can keep your loved one awake. Having a bedroom that is not dark enough or that is uncomfortable in other ways is another issue. At this point, you’re going to need to be really thorough about even the smallest of details. You never know which small change can make a big difference.

While there are a lot of different ways that you can help your loved one to get better sleep, you may not be able to be there every moment that matters. Consider hiring elderly care providers to help your loved one get a handle on daily routines that make for better sleep.

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