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Physical Signs of Alzheimer’s in Seniors


Senior Care in Mt. Laurel, NJ If your elderly loved one is at a greater risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease, it’s important that you become familiar with the mental and physical signs. You may already be familiar with the mental signs of Alzheimer’s disease, but would you recognize the physical symptoms? Here are some common physical…

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Great Ways to Help Seniors Embrace Technology

Senior Care in Mt. Laurel, NJ In the fast paced world of today, most people get their information from the Internet. However, some seniors are still technology shy. What these seniors fail to realize is just how helpful the Internet can be in their daily life. Communicating with friends, shopping, reading the news, and finding information on anything…

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Bright Sunny Days, Senior Care, and the Possibilities that Surround Us All

Senior Care in Mt. Laurel, NJ

Summer is now in full bloom all across the country. June 21st was the first official day of summer and it is also the longest day of the year for those in the northern hemisphere. This means the sun is shining for the greatest length of time throughout the day. When people require any type of senior care, summer can be a great opportunity to get outside, enjoy the abundant sunshine, and great weather.

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